There is no time!

It is difficult to give a clear definition of the time. We know that the time - it is seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, centuries, millennia. But it's only the definition of the measurement of time taken by a man. And what is the time itself?
Time, in the ordinary, everyday - is the mandatory use of clocks, watches and calendars and the corresponding dependence from those, and the resulting dependence of each of us by those clocks, watches and calendars.
Our entire Universe, planet, world, nature, and even man – are made up of constantly being in movement energy. The motion energy forms matter, which forms the substance with different properties, which make up the world around us. The World existence basis is the movement and the released, during this movement, energy. This movement is the basis of the "life" of the Universe and the "life" of our World.
Man lives in the universe of light! We see only what reflects the light, and we only guess that there are other forms of matter, beyond the visible one. Each person is made like this and percepts like this, and therefore, the light will always be the standard assessment, measurement and knowledge of the World and the Universe.
Light always moves from its source in the space in an opposite direction. To measure the movement parameters people uses the concept of time and speed. Speed ​​– is a concept notion characterizing the rapidity of movement in a certain direction. It can be assumed that Speed measures the time during which the light passes a certain segment of the space. But in reality, neither the speed, nor the time does not exist as a mater or as a material component! There is only a movement that continually pierces the void!
This means that the time does not exist!  
Watches - a wonderful mechanism which helps people to measure the time. Arrows move, running around and create the illusion in which people live their live every day. Seconds, minutes, hours, years, millennia - all of those are conventions created by man. And if all this conventional measures would be canceled, will it change the world around us?
NO ! When your watch stops - all around will continue to move.

It is because time doesn’t exist!


There is no tomorrow!

There is no yesterday!

There is only one thing - NOW!

The world exists only in an instant! The next moment, the world is changed forever. Everything else – is only an illusion of human perception of the world! In the Universe there is no guidance for counting days, hours, and minutes. In the Universe there are no limits! The Universe is infinite!
Time is a very important parameter of humanlife, because the world of men has its limits.  
The man himself came up with the time concept, in order to organize their perception of the world. People invented the "yesterday" and the "tomorrow", they have expanded a moment of their existence up to a few thousand years, and the world around them - for millions of years. Without the time the whole life of human civilization is only a moment in the infinite existence of the Universe, but being helped by the time, a person can expand his consciousness to unimaginable limits and, in this expanded consciousness of time, the man itself exists. He remembers what happened yesterday, and draws in his fantasies the next day and the day after tomorrow. He was told by the others how the world was a thousand years ago, and he suppose how the world will be in a year. And it is only in his human imagination!
The time, as a material component of theworld, does not exist! There is only a very important parameter of motion measurement, which is used to be called time.
For example, take the sunlight. The light moves constantly from the Sun to the Earth. But interacting with the gravity of the planets, sunlight changes its behavior of movement in space. Rays of light, moving the same in the beginning, but subject to varying degrees of influence, overcoming the same distance at different speeds. This can be called the distortion of space, but the space in pure form – is a void. You can also call this distortion of time, but time as a material component does not exist, therefore it will be right to call it a "distortion of the movement force."
Each object is the energy of the particles the object is composed of, in different states, but which are in constant motion related to other objects and particles. Your body and your clothes on it relative to each other are at rest, and in relation with the Sun are on the move. Our entire planet is hurtling into interplanetary space at a tremendous speed, and in relation to the Sun is always in motion! But while all the objects around us are moving in the same direction, we will feel that they are at rest.
Imagine two passengers of the train wagon, moving from the point «A» to the point «B». If you watch the world go by from the window of the train wagon, two passengers will see the same landscape, passing by, with the speed of the train movement. If you change the movement force of one passenger, for example, getting him to move to the front train wagon, by the direction of the train move, the passenger will reach the point «B» faster than the second passenger from the same train, and if the direction is opposite, on the contrary, that passenger will reach the point «B» later. But this whole train - and the wagon, and the passenger with increased movement force – all of them will reach the point «B» for the same time period.
That's how we operate. We help you to accelerate yourself on the brain level, to accelerate your brain processes, in relation with your usual actions, increasing the concentration on a result and multiplying the result itself.
How often do you say to yourself,"If I would have had more time!"? Time cannot be estimated, it is, on the one hand, non-material, on the other hand, it is difficult to collect it. It seems to be real, but in reality it is not. Everyone knows that his time and his lifetime are limited. In a day there are 24 hours, in a year there are 365 days, in a human life – there is as much as it possible!
A man is dependent on many exterior surrounding factors and people, for example dependent of the traffic speed or, weather conditions. The main time distinction, comparing with other values, is that the time ​​has no boundaries, no laws, no religions and no nationalities. Time is a relative notion and, for different people, it may last indefinitely or fly very fast. Meanwhile waiting the time lasts long, but in motion the time flies by quickly. Time can be stretched and accelerated, slowed down, but not stopped. The time, as the life, it is impossible to turn it back. Time cannot be postponed or stopped, a person has only a choice of how to use it.

Why then you would need to buy the TIME from us?

Which advantages will bring the purchasedTIME?  
Having bought the «TIME» from us, you will subjectively increase the brain processes, will increase your perception speed of the surrounding world. The speed of thought will increase. The User of the «TIME» begins to think faster, quicker to perceive the world and learn faster. The entire world and each person are living on the principle of predicting the future. A man always thinks for a few moments ahead. First, there is the thought, but only after is the action. In the human brain can occur far more events than in real life. A person can imagine and predict several events’ options and their finals, and change them at its discretion, an unlimited number of times. But in life things happen once, and cannot be changed, so the speed of life of the human person depends on the speed of perception of the surrounding world. The faster and more efficient is working the human brain, the longer a person lives, so it’s live is richer in evets and more interesting.
Human thoughts are limited only by the human mind, but to share ideas and implement them, a person is forced to interact with the outside world. And it is important to have sufficient time to interact at the right moment, in time and efficiently.
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«TIME» - is not a linear concept familiar to everyone in a measurement.

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