Your TIME purchase is fully guaranteed!

Because of our dedication, because we highly appreciate our Clients and Users and because we are confident in the positive result, we provide the possibility of 14 (fourteen) days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
If the purchased from us «TIME» will not bring the expected result, in your exceptional case, and therefore you are not satisfied with the use of, simply write us a letter and provide us with some required documents and data, within the first 14 (fourteen) days from the moment of your payment for the purchased from us «TIME» but no later than the moment that the purchased «TIME» will end to countdown, that you have bought from us the «TIME» and that you exactly comply with all terms and conditions set forth in the Terms and Conditions. If these conditions and documents will be confirmed, we will refund the money you spent (meaning the exact amount of funds transferred by you to the bank account of the «Meldava Consultant» LTD Company as payment for the «TIME», if the purchased «TIME» did not start to countdown (did not start to be used), or meaning the proportionally remained funds of the non-used «TIME» price at the exact moment of your letter will be registered as sent to us).
To qualify for the first 14 (fourteen) days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE you must fulfill and send to us (by e-mail at address) a form, in which is necessary to indicate some data, fulfill several conditions and send to us several confirmation documents. In order to know and be familiarized with the standard MONEY BACK request form, with all the requirements for a 14 (fourteen) days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE qualification and with the list of the necessary documents to be sent by you, please read the Terms and Conditions and the End-User Agreement, which links are located on the bottom menu of the site, where you will find all the requirements and conditions, in the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE section.
After you will send the request for the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and all of the required documents to our e-mail address, all the sent by you documents will be revised and, if none supplementary requirements and clarifications will be needed and all of the conditions will be fulfilled by you, the «Meldava Consultant» LTD Company will return your payment back to you as it is described in the Terms and Conditions and the End-User Agreement.
After applying for the 14 (fourteen) days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and after receiving back the funds in your account, you must delete and / or destroy the received «CERTIFICATE OF TIME PURCHASE» and do not use never the purchased «TIME», also guaranteeing that nobody and never will not use the purchased «TIME» and / or the received «CERTIFICATE OF TIME PURCHASE». You should also ensure that the «CERTIFICATE OF TIME PURCHASE» received by you will not get to another person. If those conditions will not be strictly respected by you, the «Meldava Consultant» LTD Company will have the right to claim from you penalties and compensations for moral and material damage.