TIME is often not enough!

The time particularity and the time paradox is that the smaller is the object, than the less is the duration of its existence, but the time is quicker passing for him. Sometimes a moment of life of the small creatures, such as a bee, runs so quickly that the bee itself does not even have time to realize that it exists and is already disappearing from this world.
Clock - is an amazing invention that allows you to count the time. This is a device, which allows a person to organize itself and it’s time, watching events and measure the speed of life. A man without a clock or without a watch measures the time by day and night, by the sunrise and by the sunset, but a person with a clock measures the life by minutes and by seconds.
Meanwhile, people have learned to measure the time not so long ago. First was invented the hourglass, which did not measure the time in actual usual referential units as hours or minutes, allowing only compare the time between events in a short periods. However, with the invention of mechanical clocks and watches, mankind began to lead out the time in a new manner.
In ancient time, the time itself was measured in years, lunar months and days. Each civilization has tried to improve the track of time, but the chronology of events was limited to taking into account the calendar days and years. Modern calendar view was originated in ancient Rome, and the New Year calculation from the 1st of January was introduced by Julius Caesar about two thousand years ago.
Every nation tried to date the history of the world based on different dates. Some nations have tried to keep the chronology from the creation of the world, the others - from the birth of the great person. In the modern world it is accepted to calculate the time starting from the birth of Christ.
In fact, a more or less accurate chronology of events covers only the last few centuries, and greater the remoteness of historical events, the more difficult is to determine the exact date. Chronology errors can be measured in years, and even in centuries.
The modern civilization is very fond of accuracy. Everything in our modern world is subject to accounting, measurement and optimization. And the «TIME», of course, plays an important role in these processes.
How often do you say to yourself, "I Wish I had more time!"?  
Millennium covers a huge period. Century - it is more noticeable period for humans. This is the period in which an individual's life is taking place. Year - already a significant period for people. In years is measured a human life! Cycle-by-cycle alternates the seasons. Winter, spring, summer and autumn, and so every year. Those are understood and tangible cycles for any person and those cycles are directly related to his life and plans. Month, sometimes it is difficult to feel and fleeting.
If you try to figure out how accurate is the time counting in the actual world, it appears that the number of days of the year are not exactly 365, and weeks in one year are not exactly 52. Is likely the same as to determine, without having a watch or a clock, which is the exact time. Only the seasons, the day and the night, the change of the next day are distinguishable for the man. The rest - in days and months, and even more so, in hours and minutes – there is a moment you can easily get lost.
Man believed, for thousands of years, that the Earth is flat, on the horizon, the sky is connected with the Earth and the Sun revolves around the Earth, and it was very difficult to prove the opposite. Underlying all those is the stereotyping thinking and the angle of view on the world for any person. Everyone looks at the world with their own eyes and sees it from their point of view, being constantly in the center of what is happening, and this makes for him a feeling of being in the center of the World, in the center of the Universe. In fact, a person is only a part of the world, a small piece among many other particles. The life of most of the people is very uniform and constant, so people perceive the world as uniform and constant.
The Universe, generally, and our world, in particular, is endless and ever-changing! Thousands of years ago, people measured the time by the events over the years, hundreds of years ago, people measured time by the days, and that was fine with them. In the last century, people have already started to count the hours and the technical progress has increased the speed of events. Today the time is already measured in minutes and seconds.
By minutes they already measure not only the time but also the distance.
But for many people in this world, the time, as before, it is still measured in days or even years.
Everyone appreciates the time in different ways. Some people use it, without counting it, living by the moment, others are considering every minute, trying to make every moment of a maximum benefit.
In today's world where already every minute became important, the value of time is increasing. There appear more and more people, running through life, wanting to live several lives in one. Their life is painted on minutes, for them, every day ends late at night, smoothly transiting to a new day, and passing like this day after day, year after year.

Our world is illusory.However, the people’s perception of the illusorynature of the world makes it real.