Use your TIME wisely!

Each theory sounds nice and believable, but the question remains - how the theory is applied in practice.
The more relevant became the question - how helpful would be the purchased from us «TIME» and in which real life situations it is applicable.
Firstly, the purchased «TIME» is not a real time, in the usual sense and is not added to your life time. For the User it is important to understand that he purchase an immaterial, virtual object - the «TIME». Once your subconscious mind will tune and program on the purchased amount of «TIME», it will automatically increase your effectiveness, your own internal processes of the brain will start working more efficiently in a certain period of time.
Secondly, the purchased «TIME» subjectively accelerates the User’s brain processes, and considering that the «TIME» User needs to have a solution concerning the growth of his tasks efficiency, and then the purchased «TIME» refers virtually to an increase in the efficiency of the User’s brain activity, which leads to the virtual acceleration of most of the User tasks. The purchased «TIME» is not influencing nor any third persons, except the «TIME» User, neither any objects or mechanisms, with which the User interacts.
Thirdly, the purchased «TIME» can be used as a gift. Purchasing a «CERTIFICATE OF TIME PURCHASE» as a gift, please be aware that this is possible to be done only for one certain determined User of the purchased «TIME», only for a clearly defined period and only for clearly defined personal User’s activities, specified by yourself during the registration and during the purchase of the CERTIFICATE.
For easier understanding of the processes we did list below some of the thousands of examples on how you can use the purchased «TIME»:
Example 1 You are always busy and every day planning to visit your mom, which lives in your neighborhood, but you always can’t manage all of your current tasks in time and you remember about the planned visit, only late coming home and putting off the visit again for the next day . Let's think – how much time do you need to visit your mom? How much time during the day do you miss? Let’s say, 30 minutes? Suppose you have bought from us, the «TIME» in the amount of 30 minutes. It will not add a 30 minutes of time directly to your day, but your brain will subjective and virtually program itself to accelerate all of the brain processes and all routine tasks on that day on which you have programmed to use the bought «TIME», you will be able to finish them faster than usual and, at the end of the day, you will have enough time to drop by and see your mom.
Example 2 Usually, in the morning you have to get to your workplace in one hour. But there are constantly some traffic jams or unforeseen complications before you leave home (as example your alarm clock did not sound, you need more time for dress up or your neighbor blocked your car in the parking), and you are late by 5-10 minutes most of the time. The «TIME», which you have bought from us, will not make your car to go faster and will not repaint all the traffic lights in green. The purchased from us, «TIME», will make your brain activity speedier, and the internal organization will be subjectively faster. And even if you are lately exit your home, the virtually increased efficiency of your brain activity will let you to remember all the heard earlier information, such as traffic jams, possible high-speed roads, a short ways to travel, you will become to think effectively, and even came out later, you will get at your work place earlier than usual.
Example 3 You or your relative are preparing for exams, and worried that you will not have time to learn the entire theory. Often, the extra emotions because the future exam and the lack of discipline distract the concentration and takes away the most time preparing for exams. Purchasing from us the «TIME» you buy a virtual subjective increase of your brain activity rate and, accordingly, virtually more efficient brain functionality, which will make you to learn and remember more material than you thought, you would do, and then, during the exam, your brain will independently find the correct answer to the examiner question.
Example 4 Your life partner (your loved one) always forgets about such an important family anniversary - give him a day as a gift. Purchase for him the «TIME» - mentioning the day of your anniversary. And he or she will be fully devoted in this special day to you and to your anniversary. And there is even not necessary to purchase the «TIME» in an amount of 1 (one) day, you can buy the «TIME» from us only in amount of 10 minutes, but in the dedicated activity field, for which this «TIME» will be used to indicate «The morning of our Anniversary» and to specify as the «TIME» User your loved person, to whom you will offer this gift. After the payment, you will receive an electronic «CERTIFICATE OF TIME PURCHASE» - print it out and give it as a gift your life partner. This will be enough to dedicate his or her mind and soul fully to you in the first 10 minutes in the morning of the day of your anniversary, after which all thoughts of your loved one during this special day will be entirely dedicated to your anniversary and, please believe us, you will not forget this day ever.
Example 5 – The «TIME» can be a great gift. For example, a gift to your girlfriend or boyfriend, to a man or a woman, to your mom or dad, or an original gift for a wedding. It is easy to buy the «TIME» for any User and to please this person with this special gift. Now imagine the phrase «I give you a gift on your birthday - My gift is your birthday! » or «I give you on the Saint Valentine’s Day a special gift – The Saint Valentine’s Day itself! » or «Sweetheart, I bought you the day of our anniversary! ».
          Which gift to offer for a man who already has everything? It has nothing to surprise him? Offer him the «TIME» as the gift on his birthday! The original and unusual gift. And there is no longer so important, which will be the amount of the offered «TIME» as a birthday gift, or the actions for which the «TIME» is meant – the most important is the gift itself.

    These are just a few examples from our practice, describing how you can use the purchased from us «TIME».
We have not invented a Time Machine.
We are not Wizards or Magicians.
If your perception is so convenient, you can call us consultants on time management.