The TIME can be bought!!

Our clients – are the people which understand the value of time!
We sell the TIME. We will not reveal the secrets of the process and we will not explain the details to how we buy and how we sell the «TIME», although the process is very simple. Comparing, when you buy a mobile phone, or a TV set, in most cases, you do not delve into how the mobile phone technology or the TV set technology are working - you are interested in the result itself of these devices usage. These, usual for the modern man things, which would make a person, considered crazy 150 years ago only for the idea of such possibility, have long ceased to be fantastic.
Therefore, even if the idea of the «TIME» purchase sounds unreal, its magic is more intriguing in the sense of the opportunities provided for the purchased «TIME» User.
Nothing is impossible! All the things which seems to be impossible, there is only so, because everyone sees the world through the prism of the usual stereotypes.
We propose you to have a look at the worldthrough different eyes, more widely - withoutlimits and without impossibilities! We do not add you the «TIME» in the usual sense, adding minutes, months or years to your life time. We give you the opportunity. We help you achieve results faster and more efficiently.
We are virtually increasing the strength and magnitude of the movement, the subjective speed of your brain activity. Meaning, subjectively and virtually, you will become to think and act quickly, having longer time than usual and therefore virtually experiencing the bigger amount of time. But change will not affect your real lifetime, the speed of your subjective virtual processes will change, the very movement of your thought processes will change.
How often do you say to yourself,"I Wish I had more time!"? The «TIME» has an assigned by us price - this is a conventional, covering our costs of organizational and logistic actions. The main issue for us remains the scope, how the purchased «TIME» will be used - those are the people’s actions and their contribution to the society. What matters is how a person uses the purchased from us «TIME» and which useful kind will bring this usage to the people, society and the world!
10 minutes 3 US Dollars CLICK to BUY
30 minutes 7 US Dollars CLICK to BUY
1 hour equivalent of 60 minutes 10 US Dollars CLICK to BUY
12 hours equivalent of 720 minutes 100 US Dollars CLICK to BUY
1 day equivalent of 24 hours or equivalent of 1 440 minutes 150 US Dollars CLICK to BUY
1 week equivalent of 7 days or equivalent of 168 hours or equivalent of 10 080 minutes 850 US Dollars CLICK to BUY
1 month equivalent of 30 days or equivalent of 720 hours or equivalent of 43 200 minutes 2 700 US Dollars CLICK to BUY
6 months equivalent of 182 days or equivalent of 4 368 hours or equivalent of 262 080 minutes 14 000 US Dollars CLICK to BUY
1 year equivalent of 365 days or equivalent of 8 760 hours or equivalent of 525 600 minutes 23 000 US Dollars CLICK to BUY

Decided to buy? Click here or click the button on the top of this page and purchase the selected amount of «TIME»!
But if time does not exist, what do you buy from us?
You buy from us the opportunity to change the point of view, to accelerate the process in which your brain activity is involved and therefore do more things and actions in comparison with the ordinary. And, as soon as you touch the new contemplation of your future, your future will change for the better.
Purchasing the «TIME», you must accept certain conditions, obligations and restrictions of the «TIME» use. All of those conditions you can find in the Terms and Conditions and End-User Agreement, published on our website. If the purchased from us «TIME»  will be used improperly (such use as for illegal actions, the atrocities, the use of harm to other people, etc.) or in case of breach of any of the terms of the End-User Agreement, we can pick up all the «TIME»  amount purchased by you  back, without any notice, without compensation and without paid to us funds return.
Also, the purchased «TIME» can be given to other person as a gift. But, only registering during the purchase, who will be the User and for whom the «TIME» is bought. The purchase of the «TIME» for other person use (purchased by you as a gift for other person) can only be done for only one person and only for certain actions, which must be undertaken for good things. For example, you can give, as a gift, the purchased «TIME» to an employee which gets always late in the morning on his workplace, and this employee will start to be on time. Or you can give the «TIME» as a gift to your boss, with the meaning of closer communication with his subordinates, and your boss will be closer to the team.
The TIME can be purchased forgood purposes only. If the person, who bought the «TIME», will used it for other purposes than the actions indicated during the purchase, or used it for bad or illegal actions, then we will just cancel our Agreement and will take the «TIME» back, without any notice and without any compensation.
Purchasing the «TIME», you will virtually increase the speed of brain activity process of the «TIME» User, which increases the performance speed of processes in relation to other people. By adding just a few extra virtual minutes in a day, a person simply becomes a more efficient and faster.
If in your particular exceptional case, the purchased «TIME» will not have any positive effect on your actions and your performance, then you will be able to use the advantage and possibility of the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE and use the opportunity to get back the money which you did pay to us.
If you decided to purchase a certain amount of the «TIME», you must do the following:
  • You need to carefully examine, read and accept all of the terms specified in the Terms and Conditions. Also, you need to examine carefully, read and accept all the provisions set in the End-User Agreement.
  • During your purchase registration, you must provide some of your personal data, as well as the Users' personal data, which is intended to use the purchased «TIME»
  • During your purchase registration, you must provide a secure address of your personal e-mail, to which only you have access - on this e-mail address you will receive the  «CERTIFICATE OF TIME PURCHASE»
  • Only you are responsible for your chosen payment method, for using a credit / debit bank card for payment of the purchase and for the permission to use the funds that you use by purchasing the «TIME»
  • After the acceptance by you of all of the published on the website, conditions and agreements with the «Meldava Consultant" LTD Company and after the payment procedure successfully passing, you will receive on specified by you during the registration e-mail address, the «CERTIFICATE OF TIME PURCHASE»  in the form of a PDF or JPEG file, which will indicate the purchased by you amount of the «TIME», the nominated by you «TIME» User, the assigned by you moment of the countdown start for the purchased «TIME» and also the set up by you list of the actions, in which the purchased «TIME» will be used for. 
After the receiving, on specified by you at registration e-mail address, of the «CERTIFICATE OF TIME PURCHASE», you solely will become responsible for the purchased «TIME» usage.

We wish you GOOD LUCK in all your activities andthank you for choosing our company.