How often do you say to yourself,
If I would have had more TIME?

The actual modern world speed leads to a permanent rush, makes people to hurry and all of us have less and less time.

In many cases, the time miss is motivated by the lack of organization in everyday activities of each individual. In this case, the specialized training companies and individual trainers are helpful and became more and more popular – they organize the time optimization trainings, participation in which is very helping for many of the participants.

It is very possible and recommended,
but let`s define first - What is the Time?

The modern peoples are so used with mechanisms of time counting, that if we would take out their watches and calendars, they would easily get lost in time.

Without a time measuring unit, a person will not be able to determine himself the time. He will live, "by the Sun" – day by day, dividing the day into conventional periods.

It is easily to get lost in time. For example, you can lose the track of time, if you move quickly in a speed transport unit (for example, in a speedboat or plane) from east to west or vice versa. So, let's say you are travelling by airplane and you start your departure from Moscow at 12:00 AM local time, fly 13 hours and arriving in New York on the same day at 07:00 PM local time. You did "save" 6 (six!) hours. Where have they gone?
You may say that this is an imaginary saving time, because the time depends on the time zone.
The entire World - it is imaginary, it is the people's imagination. All of the understanding and imagination of the surrounding human world is based on the people’s knowledge. The knowledge is nothing else but a vision of the world in human understanding.

Imagine, for a moment, that the whole world around us is just an illusion which is created by each person in her mind.

The human consciousness and memory create a unique inner world, through the prism of which every human person perceives the world around him. We really exist only for a moment, but we perceive it as a huge amount of time.

Of all earthly creatures, only the man remembers things and facts which are gone for a long time, only the man fantasizes about what he is only imagining and don’t see and only the man is planning his future for a period. Only the man is imagining the Universe, which is not possible to be seen by the man’s eyes and only the man lives with the tomorrow day, which is not yet due.

So what is the World in which a man lives, what is our World, if not an illusion, born of our own consciousness?

Only a human being tries to realize its existence, all other forms of life - plants, animals, planets and stars - simply exist, live, and do not lose time in idle speculation.

This is the Truth


That are the people who invented and come to remember the «yesterday» and plan their fantasies for «tomorrow», in order to extend the one small moment in which they exist ...
Our world is illusory
However, the people’s perception of the illusory nature of the world makes it real.

All the related on our website may seem like a fairy tale, an illusion or even a lie. But this is not the case.
We have not invented a Time Machine.
We are not Wizards or Magicians.
If your perception is so convenient, you can call us consultants on time management.